Democratizing AI
in retail

In a constantly evolving market, the power of data and the use of AI are essential to enable faster and more accurate decisions within a fraction of the time.
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AI Solutions


We are integrated to the main POS and ERP systems as well E-commerce platforms. Our goal is to minimize implementation times and prioritize time to market.
We provide comprehensive solutions, tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, and execute full Pandox integrations with remarkable efficiency.


Optimizes inventory
in your points of sale

Streamline your point-of-sale inventory with PANDOX IO™, which optimizes stock levels through intelligent demand forecasting. By suggesting optimal replenishment for your stores, it ensures an ideal product mix, so that your customers always find what they are looking for.



Suggests product
rotation between stores

Optimizes storage
and distribution.

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Transforms the shopping
experience in your stores

PANDOX AI™ enables your sales representatives to access accurate and immediate information about your store’s products, allowing them to advise customers effectively and increase the average transaction value with each purchase.

Reveals available
product combinations

Increases sales and
average ticket value

Optimizes customer
service response time

Suggests similar and
complementary items


Creates targeted marketing
campaigns with precision

We centralize customer data and their transactions to understand who they are, what interests them, and how to communicate effectively. PANDOX CEP™ optimizes your marketing strategy, generating more profitable and effective campaigns.

RFM segmentation,
preferred products and
payment methods

Personalized and
effective campaign
creation in seconds

Communication via Email,
SMS and Whatsapp

End-to-end campaign
performance tracking


Transforms your data
into strategic decisions

PANDOX BI™ allows you to visualize the most important metrics of your business, enabling you to transform your company into a data-driven entity. It provides insights and trends to enhance your business strategies and take them to the next level.

Creation of
customized reports

Analyzes data from Sales,
Demand, Pricing and more

Ensures a single
source of truth

Real time monitoring of
your business KPIs

clients say...

“Since we started using Pandox Sales Assistant, our sales team has improved the dynamics of customer interactions. The ease of use led us to witness improvements from the day we installed it.”

Judith Alaniz

San Luis Franchise

“Pandox helped us enhance the sales experience and stock control, and it also allows us to view all the metrics. With this app, everything has become more straightforward.”


Buenos Aires


Frequently Asked Questions

No, at Pandox we create innovative Data Engineering solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence, specifically designed for companies in the retail sector.
Our Pandox technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing systems in your company, avoiding the need for migrations or interruptions to current operations.
In less than a week, you can start benefiting from our solutions without interruptions to your activities.
No, we have designed our platform intuitively, making it accessible to any member of your team even those without prior technical experience.
At Pandox we understand that companies move at the speed of their data so we synchronize the information from your systems in real-time to ensure you always stay ahead.
The price may vary based on the number of stores and products you request. If you wish to receive a quote based on the specific needs of your company, we invite you to schedule a meeting with our experts on Calendly.

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